Who We Are

We are Marcus Skipper and Sally Ayre-Smith and we have grown certified organic garlic on our farm on the edge of the mighty Macleay River since 2007. We began with the purchase of 100kgs of garlic in 2008 and grew to an annual crop of 7 tons.

We sold our crop directly to retail in Sydney for many years and in 2018 we discovered Black Garlic.

Black Garlic is highly nutritious and so delicious we decided to invest in the development and production of this product. In the process of doing so with a company in Port Macquarie, ‘The Other Chef’ – owned and run by Eric and Monica Robinson we developed a way of making Black Garlic using our own recipe.


In collaboration with The Other Chef in Port Macquarie, we created our own way of making Black Garlic. How we do make it – it is complex, time consuming and a secret how we do it!

However, in summary, we take the raw garlic, peel the cloves, then very low heat is applied to the garlic which preserves it and changes it to a sticky sweet delicious Black Garlic. It keeps for one year – once you open it, keep it in the fridge.

Black Garlic has a history with Koreans and Japanese, who swear by the health benefits of this garlic – it is extremely high in anti oxidants and there is lots of information online about the benefits of eating garlic this way, a little every day!

We have just received our first big order for Black Garlic at five of Sydney’s top restaurants – the chefs who came to the tastings were so excited about the many ways they could use this garlic.


As is, straight up on it’s own – a clove a day!

We eat it every time we have a cheese platter – it is so delicious with hard cheese.


With Hot or Cold Ham and Turkey

Made into a stuffing for Turkey/Chickens


  • Toast a slice of Sourdough
  • Drizzle with Truffled Black Garlic Balsamic
  • Drizzle with olive oil
  • Feta Cheese
  • Slices of Black Garlic
  • Avocado
  • Chopped Basil


  • Cook favorite pasta
  • In another pan sweat fresh garlic in olive oil
  • Throw in handful of favorite or all three – basil, parsley, oregano. Drain pasta, slice up cloves of Black Garlic,
  • toss all of above together – last of all drizzle Truffled Balsamic over the top and then grate fresh parmesan!


Just add to salad dressings, drizzle on roasted vegies, risotto, stir frys


Recently we have won two awards. We were in the Preserves category up against over 100 other preserves.

Silver in the Sydney Food Awards 2019

Bronze in the Victorian Food Awards 2019

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