From SeaChange to TreeChange

It’s a rare person who can seamlessly transition from high-flying television and movie producer to garlic farmer, but Sally Ayre-Smith has done just that. After producing the acclaimed TV series SeaChange at the peak of her career, Sally and her husband Marcus Skipper left it all behind to start a new life in a little-known part of the coast. Nine years later, their two-acre Macleay...

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A Change of Heart

Producers of the popular ’90s television series Sea Change has herself undergone a tree change, creating new life in the mid Macleay. Sally Ayre-Smith admits she always haboured a desire to immerse herself in an intimate community. Her production of Sea Change helped fill that void. But when she and husband Marcus Skipper decided to break free from the busy confines of Sydney they headed...

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Sweet water, sweet life

MARCUS Skipper and Sally Ayre Smith made the seachange to Sweet Water Farm eight years ago with no previous experience in farming and no idea as to what they might do to earn a living. What they did know was that they wanted to be close to a town and have abundant fresh water, they found just that in their Macleay Valley property. The existing...

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